Live your vision
of optimal health, vibrance and vitality.

Reconnect to your passion.
Rekindle your fire.
Reclaim your radiance.™

Health & wellness coaching for women in their prime

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Reconnect to your passion.
Rekindle your fire.
Reclaim your radiance.

I know what you are going through and I can help.

I have owned and operated several successful businesses while raising a family and crafting a career path that is compatible with my lifestyle vision. I can help you do the same.

I understand the unique challenges of the “sandwich generation” and how easy it is to lose oneself or feel overwhelmed by responsibility. I can help you successfully manage chronic stress, identify and tend to your needs and desires, so each day is more balanced and joy filled!

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Michelle Cook
Master Certified Health Coach
& Certified Yoga Instructor

"Undoubtedly the best decision
I have made in years."

Michelle’s style of coaching gave room for my own psyche/unconscious to rise up and be heard. In the safe space she created during our sessions, I could honor all parts of myself that I often ignore in the hectic pace of a busy life. These were the “aha” moments that I desperately needed to navigate the transitions I was experiencing.

Dana Whiting

"Working with Michelle has changed my life!"

She is very knowledgeable, warm and compassionate. Our sessions are a perfect blend of reflection, contemplation, insight and action. I now feel more peaceful and much stronger. My body and mind feel great. Coaching with Michelle has put me on the road to a more blanched and healthy lifestyle. I am so happy I found her!

Jane Sobotta | Attorney

"I could not have asked for a better coach than Michelle."

Through her sessions, Michelle guided me through an exploration of my core values and offered me valuable, realistic suggestions on how I can ensure those values are at the forefront of my daily decision-making going forward. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and empathetic; precisely what I needed to be successful. 

Vanessa Rukholm | Associate Professor

"Michelle was born to be a coach."

She has the ability to motivate with compassion and understanding and to see unique options, opportunities and solutions that many others would miss. She has deep training in health, wellness and the mind/body connection that she is able to draw on, which is invaluable to her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Becky Ferrell-Anton | Attorney


What you FOCUS on

I offer clients an engaging and concrete process for change, based not on traditional “fix your weakness” method but on the positive philosophy of appreciative inquiry. Clients experience the incredible power inherent in being asked the “right” questions, ones that transport them mentally with evocative images and possibilities.

reclaim your radiance