It’s time to
put yourself first.

Say 'goodbye' to the back burner.

mother of five, wife, teacher and business owner.

I'm Michelle

I help women find the inspiration and motivation to reach their potential in the next phase of their lives. I listen carefully, ask powerful questions that selectively seek to locate, highlight and illuminate what are the life-giving forces for the individual; their positive core and how to use this insight for any transformative change they crave. 

Ready to feel energetic, focused, fully alive,
and finally live the life you've only dreamed of?

Whether you're approaching midlife or you've been here for awhile, it’s common to start asking yourself the BIG questions...

» What have I done with my life?
» What do I want to do with my life?
» How do I get there?

I help women who are struggling to find the answers. Together we weed through the messy unknown with my proven framework that makes self examination focused and manageable. We uncover what is most important to you now—and ensure your daily choices are a reflection of those priorities. 

If you're burdened by busy days and overwhelmed with an endless series of “to-do” lists, I can help! Together we'll replace mindless movement with intentional action. We'll identify unproductive patterns. And we'll combat restlessness, ruts, anxiety, brain fog, and insomnia with evidence-based practices.

Furthermore, if weight loss or improved fitness is your priority, we'll go beyond the surface to set you up for sustained success. We'll explore ways to ensure that your daily habits and choices are consistent with how you want to look and feel.

The truth is, this time in your life can seem overwhelming with brand new challenges—but it can also be the best time of your life. With intentional action and expert guidance you can finally step into your radiance. You can stop dreaming and start becoming the person who has been aching to break free.

This process isn't easy. It's transformational. Will you join me?

reclaim your radiance 

your time is now

Ready to feel energetic, focused, fully alive, and finally live the life you've only dreamed of?

I believe in...

01 | Collaboration

The client is the expert on themself and we work in true cooperation from a positive perspective, to access their truth and bring it to life.

02 | Knowledge

While there is an abundance of available content, I am dedicated to sifting through the abundance of available content,  offering accurate, evidence-based information that is relevant and valuable in moving my clients forward.

03 | Curiosity

I blend my passion and endless interest in my clientele with a spirit of exploration and excavation.

04 | Mastery

Knowing how to meet each client where they are, combining experience, creativity and carefully crafted questions to help deepen their self awareness and insight.

05 | Compassion

Holding each client in heart and mind with a sense of gratitude and honor for the privilege of accompanying them on their journey.

about your coach

Michelle Cook

I’ve always been driven by a desire to live an intentional life suited to my specific interests, passions and purpose: dance, movement and music, mind/body connection, understanding the human psyche and helping others. That drive became life defining when during my late college years studying pre-law and preparing for the LSAT it occurred to me that if I continued on that path I would eventually become a lawyer, spending my days sitting at a desk exercising exclusively from the neck up. At that moment, I knew instinctively that I needed to change course.
 I researched states and towns that had growing fitness industries, plotted a cross country move and systematic progression from aerobics instructor and personal trainer to boutique fitness studio entrepreneur, training clients and elite athletes to optimum health while continuing to develop my interests in coaching, nutrition and yoga. 
As I began to look ahead to starting a family and knew the demands and hours weren’t conducive to the way I wanted to parent, I developed a transition plan to yoga studio owner and a new business was born almost exactly on the day of my first child’s birth! 
When I decided I wanted to expand my family, another shift was conceived. I built a private home studio where I could coach and teach private therapeutic yoga, balancing my availability to my family and newborn twins, with my love of teaching. Then the great recession of 2008 occurred and it hit my husband’s industry especially hard. It was a perfect storm of stressors that we could not overcome. Divorce was the outcome, an undeniable loss but also an opportunity for much personal growth. And out of the ashes I met the love of my life, we married, blended our families and buckled up for a wild ride! 
I couldn't be happier, and this change inspired me to further develop my interest in health and helping others. After becoming a health coach and working in the industry, I went back to school and after a year and a half of intensive study, I became a Master Certified Health Coach by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Since then, I have loved watching women flourish as we partner in a coaching approach where they are the agents of their own change. We harness their power to consciously form images of the future towards which they will grow.


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"Undoubtedly the best decision
I have made in years."

Michelle’s style of coaching gave room for my own psyche/unconscious to rise up and be heard. In the safe space she created during our sessions, I could honor all parts of myself that I often ignore in the hectic pace of a busy life. These were the “aha” moments that I desperately needed to navigate the transitions I was experiencing.

Dana Whiting

"Working with Michelle has changed my life!"

She is very knowledgeable, warm and compassionate. Our sessions are a perfect blend of reflection, contemplation, insight and action. I now feel more peaceful and much stronger. My body and mind feel great. Coaching with Michelle has put me on the road to a more blanched and healthy lifestyle. I am so happy I found her!

Jane Sobotta | Attorney

"I could not have asked for a better coach than Michelle."

Through her sessions, Michelle guided me through an exploration of my core values and offered me valuable, realistic suggestions on how I can ensure those values are at the forefront of my daily decision-making going forward. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and empathetic; precisely what I needed to be successful. 

Vanessa Rukholm | Associate Professor

"Michelle was born to be a coach."

She has the ability to motivate with compassion and understanding and to see unique options, opportunities and solutions that many others would miss. She has deep training in health, wellness and the mind/body connection that she is able to draw on, which is invaluable to her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Becky Ferrell-Anton | Attorney

You deserve this.

Prioritizing yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential to all aspects of your well being and happiness. It’s so easy to put YOU off, promising you will have more time or energy later. “Later” can easily become never if you keep procrastinating. Now is the time to take action and self-construct the life of your dreams!

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